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Spring Seeded Lawns

Early March of as soon as the weather allows.

Properly prepare the areas to be seeded and sow at the appropriate rate based on overall turf density. Bare ground 8# - 10# per 1000 sq. ft. or as little as 3#- 4#. Use a good starter fertilizer to get the new grass off the best start possible.

REMEMBER: Spring is not the optimal time to establish a lawn, so it is essential that proper cultural practices are used. Watering to establish turf and repetitive watering during hot summer months are mandatory to keep this immature turf alive. Also, mowing at maximum blade height will help conserve moisture, reduce stress, and minimize weed competition.

Product types to use:
Winning Colors Premium Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend
Lebanon 16-25-13 70% POLY X PRO Seed Starter

2nd Application
Mid to Late April

Depending on the particular situation there are 2 options at this time. The new grass should have grown enough that it should have been mowed at least twice before doing either of these things.

1. Use a combination product with Dimension or Barricade in it to help control any of the late germinating grassy weeds. It is important to note that, as a general rule there will be more weed pressure with spring seeding. It will be necessary to spray or spot treat for broadleaf weeds.

Product types to use:
Lebanon 18-3-7 30% POLY X PRO with DIMENSION .09%

2. Don't worry about the annual grasses and apply a weed & feed product to fertilize and treat for broadleaf weeds.

Product types to use:
Lebanon 20-3-7 30% POLY X PRO with TRIMEC

Applications #3, #4, and #5 are the same as the fall seeded / established lawns.

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